Camping at a Music Festival: Tips and Tricks

There are music festivals planned all across the country this summer (and with good reason). There’s nothing quite like spending a weekend with your friends in the outdoors, making memories and experiencing some of the best live musical performances of our time.

Your tickets are purchased, your crew is on board and excitement levels are through the roof. Now what?

If you’re not properly prepared this can easily turn from one of the best weekends ever to the worst, so do your research, make a list, check it twice and get camping!

Remember, all music festivals have their own rules on what they do and do not accept. Make sure you check the FAQs and camping information, then plan accordingly.

Get Your Zzz’s

A quality tent is a must have at a music festival. Our tent cots are lifted eleven inches off the ground and have no-see-um mesh on all windows and doors These details will keep you cool enough to get some sleep in the mornings. Each tent cot also comes with a rain fly which will protect you from or unexpected periods of rain.

In addition to your tent cot, you’re definitely going to want a sleeping pad. A sleeping pad will ensure that you feel like you’re sleeping at home and not outside. Comfort is key when you’re spending hours outside living it up!

Pack Useful Gear

You’re going to want your campsite to feel like your home and to do that you’ll have to make sure that you have all the amenities you need to relax, chill and eat a few meals. Below are some of our must-have items at a music festival campsite:

  • Kwik Set Table
  • Outdoor chairs
  • Camp stove and ez prep table
  • Basic cooking utensils (pot, pan, spatula, tongs)
  • Plastic or reusable kitchenware (plates, cups, cutlery)
  • Quality cooler
  • Canopy tent for shade. (Note: When you go inside the festival grounds, collapse your canopy tent or lower it to its lowest setting to make sure it doesn’t fly away.)

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Depending on the location of your music festival and the climate of that region, you’re going to want to pack clothes for every type of unexpected weather. Think layers, long sleeves, and jackets for night time or unexpected storms and tanks, tees and shorts for heat waves.

In terms of shoes, you definitely want something comfortable since you’re going to be on your feet for long hours. You can never go wrong with a good pair of Converse or Adidas. Pro-Tip: make sure to bring rubber flip-flops for the communal showers!

Bring the Essentials

  • Water – make sure to bring enough water to stay hydrated for multiple days. Dehydration is no joke!
  • Light – Festivals are usually in remote areas, and light won’t be abundant at night. You’ll definitely want to bring a flashlight or keychain flashlight to help with trips to the bathroom. In addition, a lantern or portable light is useful to have at your campsite.
  • Portable chargers – With crowds of thousands of people, it’s easy to get lost or separated from your crew. Make sure to bring a portable charger with you so you’re always a call or text away from whoever you’re with.
  • Sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and wipes – The three musketeers of campsite necessities. Protect yourself from the sun, germs and keep your space and self-sanitary.

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