Featured Product: 3-in-1 Sleeping Bag

SB530One of the most important factors to account for before heading out on any adventure is the weather. Yet, despite our best efforts to predict inclement conditions, the weather isn’t a fixed variable and can often change from one day to the next—one night can be overly frigid while the next a little too warm, especially in certain topographies. Most standard sleeping bags offer a set level of warmth, but beyond outright taking it off, no real way to adjust if nature turns up the temperature.

That’s where the Kamp-Rite® 3-in-1 Sleeping Bag comes in. This innovative sleeping bag lets you customize your level of warmth by adding or removing layers based on your outdoor conditions. The unit combines an outer sleeping bag with a 20-degree rating and an inner sleeping bag with a 40-degree rating to provide protection in temperatures as low as 0 degrees. Each sleeping bag can also be used individually to accommodate a range of temperatures. The next time you go camping, you can sleep in a temperature, that like Goldilocks, is just right.