Fellow Kampers: Camping With Dogs

There’s an innate desire in all of us to be outdoors and revel in its natural wonder, but as loud as this calling may be to us, it’s probably even louder for somebody else—your dog. Next time you’re planning a solo camping trip, why not bring your best four-legged friend?

Dogs are fantastic adventure companions, and if they could speak human, they’d continuously ask you to take them out hiking, camping, fishing—basically, any excursion that involved being outside. In need of free tips like how to hike with a tri-pawd or which booties are best for your pup? Cue our new favorite Instagram and blog: Camping With Dogs.

Camping With Dogs started out in Nashville, Tennessee, as an Instagram account featuring photos of dogs going on outdoor adventures, but has since evolved into a large community of people who love dogs and enjoy spending quality time with them out camping.

They still have their Instagram account going strong with 550k followers, but also have an e-commerce site with gear for humans and dogs. Also, their blog has a wealth of information and tips regarding outdoor activities with your favorite pup.


Photo: Isaac Lane Koval