Fellow Kampers: Rubicon Trail Adventures

The Rubicon Trail is the only trail in the world that has been ranked as a “pure 10” from one end to the other by Jeep. We are lucky enough to have this trail in our very own backyard, nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.

Rubicon Trail Adventures offers off-roading tours from experts with over ten years of experience and thousands of hours spent solely on the Rubicon Trail. They offer everything from day trips to four day/three night trips. We love going on adventures with Rubicon Trail Adventures because Kamp-Rite Tent Cots fit perfectly in the back of a Jeep and can be easily taken on overnight trips. As a matter of fact, Rubicon Trail Adventures suggest you take our Tent Cots with them! If you’re a seasoned off-roading veteran or even a new driver, we suggest you take a ride with Rubicon Trail Adventures for a new way to enjoy the beauty of the Sierra Nevada.

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