Go Explore: Big Bend National Park

At the base of West Texas, in an untouched corner of the United States, lies Big Bend National Park. This 800,000-acre destination, located on the border of Texas and Mexico, provides visitors an experience of complete geographic diversity. From the meandering Rio Grande River to vast Chihuahuan desert, the crevices of the Boquillas Canyons to the peaks of the Chisos Mountains, Big Bend National Park is a magical place that gives visitors an experience of a lifetime.

Where to Explore:

The Visitor Center opened May 1, 2008 and has become one of Big Bend’s most popular destinations. Thanks to its interactive exhibits, this facility is not only informative, but fun as well.

The Chisos Mountains are the heart of Big Big Bend National Park SignBend National Park. This unique mountain range is the only one in the U.S. that is completely contained within a single national park.

Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive is an interesting paved sightseeing route that allows you to cruise through a variety of different habitats and geology. If you need to stretch your legs along the way, there are plenty of short nature walks and interpretive pull overs.

Saint Elena is one of Big Bend’s most spectacular destinations. It is best to view the canyon by raft or by canoe, ensuring you enjoy all the breathtaking views and wildlife Saint Elena has to offer.

Rio Grande is not only a wild river, but also a cultural landmark that unites 6 states and connects two countries. Rio Grande’s haunting beauty and isolation through Big Bend provides an air of exploration of the unknown.

Boquillos Canyon is Big Ben’s longest and deepest canyon. We suggest taking a 1.4 mile hike to the river’s edge to see the breathtaking entrance of the canyon.

Mariscals Mine is the best preserved mercury mining site in the state of Texas and is a listed historic district on the National Register of Historic Places. Abandoned since the 1940s, and isolated by its remote location in the middle of Big Bend National Park, Mariscals Mine is a must-see spot for anyone with a knack for adventure.

Where to set up Kamp:

Chisos Basin Group Campground

Chisos Basin Campground is Big Bend National Park’s most sought-after camping destinations. It is nestled between rocky cliffs and is conveniently located next to a few of Big Bend’s most popular trailheads, The Lost Mine Trail and The Pinnacles Trail, which have access to the park’s highest point, Emory Peak (elevation 7,825 ft.). This is the perfect spot for campers and hikers alike. With the Rio Grande just a few miles away, visitors can also enjoy kayaking, fishing and swimming as well.

Breakfast at Big Bend

Rio Grande Village Group Campground

The Rio Grande Village Campground offers plenty of opportunities to explore the river’s shore and get in the water. Canoeing, kayaking, tubing and boating are popular activities in and around the facility. Surprisingly enough, the most popular recreational activity at the Rio Grande Village is bird watching. Visitors flock to the river banks to spot rare and unique species such as the Mexican Mallard, Black-Capped and Gray Vireos, Colima Warbler and Varied Bunting. Campers are encouraged to report unique sightings at the visitor center.

Cottonwood Group Campground Reservations

Cottonwood Campground is named after the cottonwood trees surrounding the Rio Grande, providing shade for visitors as they enjoy the river. This is campground is especially popular amongst bird watchers. Its serene and diverse ecosystem provides a habitat for rare and unique birds to flock to, including: Mexican Mallard, Lucifer Hummingbird, Mexican Jay, Black-Capped and Gray Vireos, and Varied Bunting. Hiking trails can be found in and around the campgrounds as well.

Kampsite Essentials:

Double Tent Cot + Queen Self-Inflating Mattress: With thousands of miles to explore in Big Bend National Park, you’ll want to come back at the end of a long day of adventuring and rest your bones on something comfortable. Combine a Queen Self-Inflating Mattress with a Double Tent Cot for the ultimate outdoor sleeping experience.

3-in-1 Sleeping Bag (below): Spanning over 800,000 acres, Big Bend’s climate can change unexpectedly. The 3-in-1 Sleeping Bag, with its multiple layers and 0-degree rating, can adapt to the multiple weather conditions you may find yourself in.

Kozy Klub C3 in 1 Sleeping BagUltra Light Chairhair (New Product): Every campsite needs a solid, comfortable seating option. The Kozy Klub Chair is a fantastic chair that delivers an extra level of comfort with its padded seat and mesh chair back.

Ultra Lite Chair and Table (New Product, left): There are plenty of hiking trails throughout Big Bend National Park, making this super light chair and table set a must-have for sight-seeing at the peak of your hike.

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