Go Explore: The Lake

One of the many great things about being based in Sacramento, California, is our central location relative to many popular outdoor destinations. However, as with many regions across the country, there are great local campsites that we tend to overlook. These local excursions can be exactly what you need to break away from the daily grind and #GoExplore the great outdoors.

When planning a last minute camping trip outdoors, we always recommend doing some researching and calling ahead to make sure that you can get a spot on the campground. Whether you end up taking a trip to your local recreation area or are headed to a state park a few hours away, Kamp-Rite® has gear to make your trip as comfortable as possible with the least amount of setup.

We recently ventured 25 miles out of Sacramento into the base of the Sierra Foothills to discover Negro Bar, a state park located on the edge of Folsom Lake. Visitors tend to frequent Negro Bar during the summer months because of its extensive water activities that include kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, and of course, swimming.

When you’re headed to the lake, good times are sure to find you by the water. Packing for an overnight camping trip to the lake is simple — just a few essentials will guarantee a great time.

The Gear


Our must-haves by the lake always start with sunglasses and a towel. However, it is always important to have a place to change in and out of bathing suits, like Privacy Shelter, or a quick spot to escape the direct sunlight, like our Chair with Canopy or even one of our smaller Tent Cots. These items, easy to set up and move throughout your trip, add just the right amount of protection and comfort for a great day on the lake.

We can’t wait for you to go explore your own backyard!

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