Kampsite Cooking:

Make Camp Cooking Easy with These Food Prep Tips

If a few days of camping is your preferred means of relaxation, don’t complicate things by making mealtime an arduous and time-sucking part of the day. Many people feel that a meal cooked in the great outdoors is the best kind of dining. The food just seems to taste better after breathing in the fresh air all day and doing all your favorite outdoor activities.

Plan Out Meals Before the Trip

It’s best to plan simple, hearty meals while at home. Doing so leaves plenty of time to explore the wilderness and enjoy Mother Nature while hiking, fishing, swimming, and boating. Make a list of some easy-to-prepare meals and then do your grocery shopping before you leave home. Adding the condiments, serving and cooking utensils to your list helps ensure that you don’t forget anything important. Also include plenty of healthy — and not so healthy — snacks to your list. Being outdoors all day can really work up an appetite!

Some popular foods to eat while camping include, hot dogs, hamburgers, chili, steaks with baked potatoes and corn on the cob or any type of sandwich. Breakfast foods can be as simple as cereal, bagels and cream cheese, eggs, bacon or sausage and toast.

Save Space with Storage Containers

By using a bit foresight, you can prevent getting exhausted from loading and unloading an excess of camping gear and supplies.

Bring some small-to-medium plastic storage containers; these are perfect to hold the ingredients for your meals or ones that you prepare before starting on your trip. For example, these containers can hold hamburgers that you press into patties before leaving home, steaks or other meats. Using very small plastic storage containers to hold condiments takes up a lot less room than a large mayonnaise jar or bottle of catsup.

Quart size plastic bags with the zipper-style closure are a great place to store cut up veggies or other foods. Snack size zipper-style plastic bags are perfect for storing seasonings needed for meal preparations and they take up less space than the containers.

Meal Prep to Save Time

If you have a favorite chili recipe, pasta dish, or casserole, save time by preparing them at home and then freezing several small or medium-sized containers. These space-saving containers take less time to thaw before each meal and fit nicely into your Kamp-Rite® 72 SQ Cooler.

With the right preparations, you will only need a pot and a skillet with lids to warm your meals quickly on the cook stove. They will pack neatly inside the Kamp-Rite® Kwik Pantry with Cook Table, along with any other cookware you decide to bring along for your fun adventure in the great outdoors.