Car Camping: The Perfect Solo Setup for Under $500

There’s nothing better than treating yourself to a solo camping trip where you can recharge and check in with yourself. It’s pretty much the ultimate #treatyourself getaway. When you think of camping, you might picture an expensive RV or trailer, but car camping is the perfect alternative for a solo trip.

We’ve taken the work out of researching the gear you need for a solo trip and have created the perfect car camping essentials round-up for under $500.

What you’ll need: A tent, chair, table, ice chest, and sleeping bag (No, really. It’s that simple).


Kamp-Rite Original Tent Cot ($169.99)

This convenient tent cot is comfortable and sets up in minutes. It’s portable, rainproof, sits 11-inches off the ground, and converts into a lounge chair. The privacy flaps zip on all sides to block sun and mosquitoes with “No-See-Um” mesh.


Kamp-Rite EZ Prep Table with Insulated Bag ($79.99)

A convenient table with an insulated storage cabinet is a must – it makes solo meal-preps a breeze.

Need a larger cooking table? Check out our related products here.


Kamp-Rite Folding Chair with Lumbar Support ($39.99) and Redi-Tray ($24.99)

This lightweight chair is supportive on the lower back for catching up on some reading or lounging in the sun and convenient cup holders that can double as storage for a phone or deck of cards. The Redi-Tray is a one-person table-top accessory that creates a comfortable, stable surface for dining, holding a computer and other items.

Want to include a side table, cooler, footrest, or rocker? Check out our full line of chairs here.


Kamp-Rite 36 Console Kooler: $59.99

This ice chest has a sturdy shoulder strap, flip-up Velcro opening to grab cold drinks, and holds up to 36 cans. It even folds for secure storage.


Kamp-Rite 3-in-1 Sleeping Bag: $89.99

This comfortable sleeping bag has three insulating layers for different temperatures, so you’re always prepared. This helps with outdoor conditions and comfortability as temperatures drop at night. The outer layer has a 20-degree rating, while the inner layer has a 40-degree rating.

Pro tip: add a self-inflating sleeping pad for ultimate solo-camping comfortability. Check out our sleeping pads here.


Total: $465. That leaves plenty left in your $500 budget for ice-cold drinks and some delicious camping meals like this one. Happy solo camping!

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