Featured Products: The Tent Cot

The most important product you can bring on your hunting trip would have to be our tent cot. Whether you choose our Tri-Fold Series or Collapsible Series, that is up to you! These products get you up and off the ground for a great night’s sleep so you are alert and ready for the day ahead of you.

We have six different options for you to choose from:

Double Tent Cot

Kamp-Rite’s Double Tent Cot is the two-person version in the line of Tent Cot products. The sturdy fiberglass frame keeps you 11” above the ground to provide comfort and protection from insects, rocks and dampness.

Oversize Tent Cot

The Kamp-Rite® Oversize Tent Cot stands 11” above the ground and brings additional comfort due to the expanded 32” W x  90” L sleeping area. The extra 4” in width and 6” in length provides a great night’s sleep. This off-the-ground sleep shelter ensures superior protection from the elements and delivers a level of comfort and convenience not usually found in traditional, old style camping gear.

Original Tent Cot

The Original Tent Cot is Kamp-Rite®’s innovative, multi-functional advance in “off-the-ground” camping gear. The fully self-contained Tent Cot creates a private sleep shelter, standing 11” above the ground to provide comfort and protection from insects and dampness. The sturdy cot base supports 300 lbs. without the uncomfortable cross bars typically found with standard sleeping cots. The quick, easy set up can be done alone, making it an ideal solution for both solo and group outings.

Compact Tent Cot (CTC) Double

The Kamp-Rite® CTC Double is a two-person version of the Kamp-Rite® CTC line of off-the-ground products. The Kamp-Rite® CTC Double includes the 3-in-1 features of the Kamp-Rite® CTC Standard, sets up easily and quickly, and eliminates sleeping on damp or rocky ground while providing protection from insects and other annoying outdoor pests.

Compact Tent Cot (CTC) XL

Weighing just 28 lbs, the CTC XL folds down to 8” x 9” x 42”, is compact and portable, and provides an appealing alternative to old style, cumbersome camping gear. Escaping to the Great Outdoors has become more convenient and easier to achieve than ever! The CTC XL takes mere minutes to set up, leaving you more time to relax on even the shortest of outings.

Compact Tent Cot (CTC) Standard

The Compact Tent Cot (CTC) Standard elevates the tent cot concept to the next level of off-the-ground camping gear.  This unique 3-in-1 item combines two separate, standard camping items (a tent and a cot) into one versatile, compact package. The tent top and cot velcro together to create a comfortable off-the-ground sleep shelter. When detached from the cot base, the tent top becomes a compact, lightweight one-person tent on the ground.

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