What’s a Tent Cot?

For anyone that’s new to camping or is interested in glamping, tent cots are the hottest must-have item for outdoor sleeping. We know what you’re thinking, “a tent cot? Never heard of that!” A tent cot is a hybrid between a tent and a cot and provides the most convenient and comfortable sleeping gear for camping. Not sold on why you need one on your next camping trip? Below are our top four reasons why you should invest in one ASAP.


Comfortable and Easy to Set Up
Not only is there less time required to set up a tent cot, there are minimal poles, stakes and other equipment to deal with. All of Kamp-Rite’s tent cots have durable supportive aluminum frames and the cot base doesn’t have cross-bars used with traditional cots. All of these details have been meticulously implemented so that campers can rest comfortably. Even better – most of Kamp-Rite’s tent cots can be set up in a matter of minutes.


Elevate Your Camping Experience
Our tent cots sit 11 inches off of the ground, which blocks small tree limbs rocks and other debris from getting into your sleeping quarters. Being raised off the ground also means that bugs can’t get in, either. Our “no-see-um” mesh helps block mosquitoes, spiders, and other pesky flies, too. Not a fan of the rain? Kamp-Rite’s tent cots all come with a rain fly to keep you dry during unexpected storms.


Doubles as a Lounge Chair
By using our unique hinge design, you can convert our Original Tent Cot into a chair, or extend the footrest for a comfy, reclining lounge chair.This makes it versatile indoors and outdoors, at camping grounds, parks, festivals, or the beach.


Different Sizes to Fit Your Needs
We’ve got tent cots for everyone in the family! Our Standard Tent Cot and Compact tent cot are comfortable for one, while our Oversize, Compact, and Double easily sleep two. Do you have a little one with a new sense of independence? Our Kid’s Cot was modeled around the concept of the Original Tent Cot and is a great addition to family camping gear.

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