3 Great, Kid-Friendly Destinations for Family Camping

Camping trips have long been a great way for families to spend quality time together. From cultivating a love for the outdoors in your kids, to creating memories that will last a lifetime, family camping trips can be tremendously rewarding, but they can also be an uphill battle if done at a campsite that’s not suitable for it. Below are three kid-friendly campgrounds geared for the whole family.

Mammoth Lakes, California

Right below the Sierra Nevada Mountains lies the famed Mammoth Lakes Campground. A true outdoor experience surrounded by tall pine trees and Mammoth Lake, this campground is ideal for a traditional camping endeavor. Most of the campsites are spacious and private allowing room for lots of activities, games and campfires. There are also a number of short and easy hiking trails surrounding the area that suit every skill level. This rustic wilderness experience is a great go-to when wanting to relax and bond with the entire family.

Lake Placid, New York

Take your family to the country’s largest state park around Lake Placid—the Adirondacks. This area offers a wide variety of camping styles for every type of family. Whether you want to get to the nitty gritty with traditional tent camping or include amenities in your stay, there are many campsite options available. Well-known for its history of hosting the winter Olympics, there is much to be learned and many beautiful sights to be seen. Lake Placid offers a variety of hikes, relaxing beaches, and daily water activities.

Echo Park, Colorado

Rich with history, petroglyphs and views of towering rock formations, camping at Echo Park is like nothing else. Almost every campsite has a view of Steamboat Rock, a large rock formation situated next to the Green River and the cliffs of Echo Park. Camping here is ideal for exploring nearby with the family and discovering the history in the rock formations, especially considering its proximity and close driving distance to the Dinosaur National Monument. The kids will jump with joy knowing that they are in an area where dinosaurs once roamed. However, make sure to check the weather ahead of time as the campsite is open based on weather and driving conditions.