Elevating the Outdoor Experience Since 1999

Kamp-Rite Tent Cot, Inc. was founded in 1999 with the goal of producing unique, innovative solutions to common problems associated with many standard forms of camping gear. Armed with only the advice and suggestions of family members who are avid, experienced outdoorsmen, Kamp-Rite forayed into the camping gear market. The result was the “Original Tent Cot,” an item that combined the comfort of a standard sleeping cot with the protection of a tent. This fully enclosed off-the-ground sleep shelter would become Kamp-Rite’s breakthrough product, earning Kamp-Rite the title of World Leader in Off-the-Ground Camping Gear.

Inspired by its initial success, Kamp-Rite became determined to continue creating innovative products. The company spent the next two years attending numerous trade shows that featured various outdoor recreational activities, as well as wild, land and firefighter groups and emergency management/preparation agencies from across the country. Kamp-Rite used the knowledge gained at these trade shows to design and develop new products that met the needs of these groups. The success of these products resulted in explosive growth that prompted increased management and sales support. The Kamp-Rite team has expanded over the years, making more than 35 new products, with more to follow.

Now, more than 14 years after its humble beginning, Kamp-Rite maintains an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Its goal is to provide customers with quality products that promote and facilitate a “quality life.” Kamp-Rite gear combines comfort with convenience, two features that equally enhance the experiences of seasoned outdoor enthusiasts, first time campers and backyard adventure seekers alike. Over the years, our mission has remained the same: We seek designs that are improvements on industry standards and we strive to deliver an innovative and user-friendly line of products that encourages group and solo campers to experience the beauty and blessings found in nature.

We work hard to further our dream each year and we remain as excited about our work today as we were 14 years ago. We have proven to ourselves that there are no limits to ideas or to dreams. We will continue to seek innovative improvements to enhance even the simplest or shortest of outdoor adventures. We never stop learning and we constantly strive to live up to our title of World Leader in Off-the-Ground Camping Gear.



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