Featured Products: 3 Ways to use the Redi-Tray

We are excited to finally launch a product that has been three years in the making… the Kamp-Rite Redi-Tray™! This product was designed by our family and created specifically to make camping more enjoyable for yours. One of the things that helps the Redi-Tray™ stand out is its versatility, which makes it adaptable for a variety of uses.  Here are just three of many ways to use the Redi-Tray™:

#1 — Use it to eat!

The original inspiration for the Redi-Tray™ was fueled by one of the most basic needs during an outdoor outing: eating. While on a camping trip years ago, our CMO, Aaron Visger, had run out of table space and was forced to eat a meal of steak, baked potatoes and baked beans on a quad chair. As many people before and after him have experienced, this led to instant frustration when the paper plate he was eating off of bent in half and got food all over him. With the Redi-Tray,™ that’s no longer an issue. You can have an instant tabletop right at your chair. Say goodbye to messy camping meals!

#2 — Use it for play!

Need a place for you kids to color or play with Legos? The Redi-Tray™ is the perfect platform for kids to entertain themselves! It attaches to any quad chair and can be adjusted to the perfect height, offering an ideal one-size-fits-all solution to your campsite.

#3 — Use it for work!

Sometimes nature calls… other times it’s the office. As much as we like to disconnect and turn off our electronics while camping, there may be times when you need to pull out the laptop or tablet. The Redi-Tray™ can be adjusted to a desired incline level, making it a perfect platform for reading on a tablet. Instead of trying to figure out a way to balance everything on your lap, you can conveniently set your device down on the Redi-Tray™ and focus your energy on your work so you can get back to nature as quickly as possible.

In addition to latching onto quad chairs, the Redi-Tray™ can also be attached to a variety of outdoor items such as boats, E-Z ups, tent cots and more! If you have any other unique ways to use the Redi-Tray,™ let us know by sending us photos to info@kamprite.com, or uploading them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and either tagging us or using the hashtag #goexplore.