Fellow Kampers: Boy Scouts of America

This month’s fellow Kamper is an organization that has promoted the Great Outdoors for over 100 years: the Boy Scouts of America.

As a company that was born from a passion for Mother Nature, we resonate with their mission to get kids outdoors so that they can experience the thrill of adventure while learning invaluable life skills. We believe in elevating every individual’s camping experience through teaching unforgettable lessons in preparation like how to build a fire or fish.

Boy Scouts of America offers an array of youth development programs based on age and interests, many of which go beyond the basic camping skills often associated with the organization. Their Sea Scouts program, for instance, helps scouts develop boating skills, gain maritime knowledge and learn lifesaving skills, such as CPR. Another great example is their Exploring program, which provides youth from ages 10 to 18 with mentorship and the chance to explore various career fields, ranging from aviation, fire & EMS and law enforcement, to arts & humanities, science, and business.

Like the Boy Scouts of America, we firmly believe that there is an immeasurable amount of benefits to be gained by introducing our youth to the outdoors and exposing them to the opportunities it offers them to grow as a person. We’ve seen this firsthand, as the son of one of our founders was a Cub Scout during his childhood.

If you have any children, or if you’re someone with an immense passion for the outdoors, we recommend visiting their website to learn how you can get your kids involved or how you can volunteer to continue the great work of this historic organization. The Boy Scouts of America is not only great for our parks and wildlife but the future of our kids.