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Five Haunted Campgrounds Guaranteed to Give You Goosebumps

An overnight stay outdoors can take on new levels of terror when your campground might be haunted. Campers have reported everything from ghostly wailing to levitating apparitions at some campgrounds, so make sure you stock extra batteries for the lanterns and maybe wait to finish unpacking the car on day one of your stay at any of these haunted grounds.

1. Lake Morena

Native American folklore has proven to be a rich source of ghostly stories, and this California campsite is no different. Reports vary, but visitors have sighted everything from levitating apparitions to spooky noises and even direct confrontations with a white lady. If you’re going to tell scary stories around the fire pit at Lake Morena, be ready to leave a little early when every noise turns into ghostly footsteps.

2. Malakoff Diggins State Park

A rumored murder makes camping at this abandoned California ghost town more than just a little creepy. According to the stories, a teacher grew so frustrated with a slow student, they hung the child from the rafters right in the school building. If you do plan an overnight in this haunted locale, be sure to pack plenty of lights.

3. Crystal Lake Campgrounds

No, the actual Crystal Lake is not home to the iconic figure of Jason from the “Friday the 13th” movie franchise, but it is home to an equally disturbing history. The original builder, Stephen Major, his wife and two kids were all killed in a bear attack on the property. Visitors now report hearing the ghostly voices of the departed.

4. Braley’s Pond

The site of several murders, this Virginia campsite has a murky history. As recently as 2006, paranormal investigators visited the site, only to have one member of the team commit suicide immediately after returning. If that’s not creepy enough, keep your ears peeled for the sounds of children and horses moving about through the night.

5. Holcomb Valley Campground

Avoid the hanging tree in this ghost town if you don’t want to hear the screams and whispers of the dearly departed. What was once a thriving mining town was also home to a tree used to dole out capital punishments and revenge killings, all within the town’s borders.