Fellow Kampers: Foggy Trail

FoggyTrail has the same love for the great outdoors like we do. Founder and CEO, Scott Knight, was born and raised in Eastern Iowa amongst the rolling hills, winding creeks and open land—the ideal land for turkey hunting! Some of his fondest memories were amidst the forest, waiting to hear a turkey gobble. After relocating to California, Knight lost access to the land and space that was available in Iowa. He soon realized a lot of hunters in California have a similar issue… and so he began FoggyTrail.

So what is it exactly?

FoggyTrail is a marketplace for renting quality private land to hunt on. It is like Airbnb, but instead of renting out people’s homes you rent out access to land in every part of the country, which is usually only accessed through knowing someone.

Through FoggyTrail, Knight is changing the way hunters and outdoorsmen interact with the land around them by leveraging the power of technology, an expansive community of sportsmen and landowners and genuine lovers of the great outdoors.

Check out their Instagram by clicking here and website here!