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Five Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Go Camping

Just because summer is ending doesn’t mean the fun of camping has to go along with it. Fall is an amazing time of year and, some would argue, the best time of year to go camping. Here are a few reasons you shouldn’t put your camping gear away just yet.

It’s Beautiful

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. With all the changing colors of autumn, it feels like there’s an amazing sight to behold around every corner. The burnt oranges, yellows and reds make for a gorgeous natural setting for camping. Fall camping allows you to enjoy all the beauty nature has to offer in this magical season.

It’s Cooler

Summer is hot—sometimes oppressively so. While a popular time to camp, it doesn’t always make for the best or most comfortable conditions. The warm mornings and cooler evenings of fall give you the best of both worlds: cool-ish conditions to enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities during the day and cold nights for better sleeping and enjoying campfires.

Campfires are Better

A big part of camping is lighting a fire, roasting marshmallows and telling stories around the campfire. However, summertime can often be too hot to fully enjoy campfires. Temperatures can remain 90-plus degrees in the evening in some parts of the country. Who wants a campfire when it’s that hot? Fall’s cooler temperatures, on the other hand, are just right for gathering around the campfire.

Less Critters

Cool air doesn’t just mean a more pleasant experience because you’re less hot; it also means there are fewer critters to fight with at camp. Pesky insects, particularly mosquitoes, retreat when the weather gets cooler. So if you’re avoiding camping because you don’t like bugs, fall solves that problem for you.

Better Access to Campgrounds

One of the best reasons to go camping in the fall is the availability of campgrounds. Popular destinations can get completely booked months in advance for the summer season since the kids are out of school and most people take vacations during this time. In the fall, however, it’s much easier to plan a spontaneous camping trip that you don’t have to plan for months in advance. The best part is that with less-crowded campgrounds, you’ll have a quieter, more enjoyable experience.

Some popular fall camping sites include Burlingame State Park, Nickerson State Park and Housatonic Meadows State Park.