It is that time of the year again—the hunt is on!

Known as a premier spot for elk hunting in the United States, the lush state of Oregon is also a destination location for many other hunters looking for a specific type of trophy. However, if you happen to be new to hunting or are visiting Oregon for the first time, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the state’s vast terrain that includes few major cities and a lot of forest to cover! For this reason, we’ve narrowed the list of options down for you to some of our favorite places to hunt across the state.

Where to Explore:

Central Cascade Mountains

Located on the east side of Portland and close to the Washington border, Central Cascade Mountain range is one of the most breathtaking places to hunt in all of the United States. Pair a scenic backdrop with all sorts of big and small game sightings, and have yourself an amazing hunting excursion.

Siuslaw National Forest

This is elk hunting land and has been named as the best public elk hunting land in the country. Siuslaw National forest is 600,000 acres of woodland crawling with Rocky Mountain Elk. This national forest is located right on the coast and Oregon is a notoriously rainy state, so be sure to bring your Rain Fly Protection for your Tent Cot!  Keep in mind that when the rain is falling and the thunder is booming, elk tend to stay under cover. If you are willing to ride out the storm and put a lot of time into getting to know the area, Siuslaw will be worth it!

Southern Oregon Outfitters

There are a plenty of private guided hunting excursions if hunting on public land isn’t your thing. Take advantage of Southern Oregon Outfitters and let them guide you through exciting hunts for bear, deer and bobcats!

Umatilla National Forest

Umatilla National Forest is located on the eastern side of Oregon and draws about 30,000 hunters a year. This rustic gem offers all of Oregon’s big game mainstays – elk, deer, black bears, bighorn sheep, mountain lions and more! Umatilla National Forest is by far one of the most crowded hunting spots, so if you’re willing to deal with the masses, game will be found!

Umpqua National Forest

Umpqua National Forest is just a leap and hop away from the nationally renowned Siuslaw territory. Umpqua Forest is massive. It covers roughly one million acres and is filled with all types of animals to hunt, from big game like elk and deer (or black bears and cougars if you have the proper licenses), as well as smaller game. The national forest is also home to crater Lake National Park—the perfect spot to open up the Kwik Set Hammock and relax.

What to pack:

Original Tent Cot with Rainfly

Oregon is one of the rainier states, so be sure to pack your rainfly with your Original Tent Cot. Get a good night’s rest and be refreshed and ready for the hunt every morning. There is plenty of space to fit your gear in with you!


It is important to appreciate mother nature and the breathtaking scenery that Oregon has to offer. After a long day of hunting, feel free to prop your feet up and relax in a Kwik Set Hammock. We aren’t saying its necessary for your hunting trip, but it definitely will be a bonus!


We bet you’re going to need to sip on some brews after a day of hunting. Our Koolers can hold up to 24 or 72 cans and guarantee your drink stays cool and refreshing!


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