Kamp-Rite’s Favorite Family Camping Stories

When you think of family camping trips that you took while growing up, we’re sure there’s a handful of memories, funny stories and camping blunders that always come to mind. This is definitely the case for the Visger family, the founders of Kamp-Rite. However, some of their most memorable stories also revolve around how they came up with ideas for some of their best Kamp-Rite products. Below is a recollection of some of these stories from two of our founders.

“My favorite family camping story is the story of how I came up with the idea for the Redi-Tray! Our entire family, about 35 people, went on an annual camping trip to Perrazo Meadows in Truckee, CA, to celebrate the life of my Grandpa Jack and Uncle Mel. We made rib eye steaks, baked potatoes and baked beans for dinner and did not have enough table space for everyone to eat together. I attempted eating my meal while sitting on a quad chair and my plate kept folding in half like a taco with every cut made into the steak. It was at that moment that I realized the Redi-Tray needed to be made!”

Aaron Visger, Kamp-Rite CMO

“Years ago, the extended Visger family and numerous friends went on group camping trips together. We love Casini Ranch and in order to be one big family, we would always secure several adjoining campsites. We were well-organized—menus were planned in advance and teams were formed to participate in the cooking (and bartending) activities. We all agreed that our meals went above and beyond the typical “camp cuisine” and ambience was equally important. The table was set with a colorful cloth, fresh flowers and space for a big boombox. Music was a must for this group and the tunes played loud and long, much to the chagrin of the neighboring campers. Nights were spent on moonlit explorations or gathered around the campfire, swapping tall tales. One by one, we retired to our tents, crawled into sleeping bags and listened to the sounds of silence. That is, until about 3:00 am. I awoke one night to the feel of hard, lumpy ground beneath me, thanks to a leaky air mattress. I managed to re-inflate the mattress and eventually went back to sleep. The next morning one of our friends asked if I had heard any strange noises during the night. Their two children had awakened in a panic because they heard “heavy breathing” outside their tent. They were all too scared to peek outside or go back to sleep in case the creature decided to break in. They were very relieved to learn that the “heavy breather” was me… in the tent next door, blowing up my air mattress!

Years later, the memory of that experience factored into our decision to develop better solutions for standard camping gear, resulting in what is now known as the Original Tent Cot!”

Andrea Visger, Kamp-Rite COO

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