The Best of 2016

We love all our products equally, but here were some of our favorites from this past year.

Privacy Shelter: The Privacy Shelter With Shower offers a fully enclosed space for changing, showering or other personal needs. Quick and easy to setup, the Privacy Shelter includes a 5-gallon portable shower unit that attaches to the shelter’s strong and rigid steel frame.

Overnighter 2 Person Sleeping Bag (10 Degree): Whether you sleep like a starfish or want to fit your loved one next to you, this product can do it for you. The Overnighter 2 Person Sleeping Bag gives you the opportunity to sleep like you do at home and not feel trapped like you would in a traditional sleeping bag.

Kozy Klub Chair: Although we have never sat on a cloud before, we can assume this must be what it feels like. You’re literally wrapped in cushions and can enjoy this chair in nature, in your living room or even set it up in your RV.

Double Tent Cot: This tent cot is sturdy and practically the size of your bed at home! At Kamp-Rite, our goal is to elevate your camping experience and guarantee the most comfortable sleep. The outdoors should be relaxing and a time to enjoy yourself in mother nature!

Kid’s Tent Cot: We think it is pretty obvious why this is one of our favorites! We believe it is very important to start the appreciation for the great outdoors at a young age—some of our fondest memories from our childhood are going camping with family and friends! This tent cot can help nurture the love for the outdoors for your little ones through an elevated camping experience.

Privacy Shelter

Kozy Klub Chair

Overnighter 2 Person Sleeping Bag

(10 Degree)

Double Tent Cot

Kid’s Tent Cot