Product Highlights: What You Need in 2017

Original Tent Cot: Ok, so here is an oldie but definitely a goodie–the Original Tent Cot! This is where Kamp-Rite began for us and helped put us on the map. We are still so obsessed with the durability and easiness of this product. There are no poles, which makes set up a breeze. This ia an extremely versatile product, the unique hinge design enables the Tent Cot to be converted to a lounge chair for day-time relaxation, or a standard style cot for sleeping under the stars.

Ultra-Lite Table & Chairs: Why do we like this pair of products so much? Because you can bring these anywhere. They weigh a total of 11 pounds all together, making them perfect for hiking, concerts, sporting events and of course, camping. Make sure you always have a table and chairs on hand during all your fun events in 2017.

Privacy Shelter: Say goodbye to the times of trying to change behind a tree or struggling awkwardly to work your clothes on slouched in your tent! It’s 2017 for Pete’s sake. Stop worrying about your privacy while camping. This product will benefit you in so many ways. It doubles as a shower, as well. Enjoy the outdoors without wearing the outdoors. Shower it off! The Privacy Shelter holds up to 5 gallons – enough water for a quick shower!