Summer Gear to Beat the Heat

Whether you’re heading out to the beach, lake or the pool this summer, Kamp-Rite has you covered with the perfect setup to beat the heat. Designed to be versatile and easy to transport, our essential gear can be used for just about any occasion. Below are some of our favorite setups for the most common summer locations:

Basking at the Beach

When it comes to the beach, we love convenience. The Kamp-Rite Director’s Chair with Side Table and Cooler tops the charts for keeping beverages cool and having a flat surface to keep snacks from getting sandy.  

Beach-lovers might also like the 3 Position Hard Arm Reclining Chair. This chair is perfect for those in-betweeners who can’t decide if they want to stick their toes in the sand or lay back in style while getting a tan. You can do both with this chair, but just remember to pack your SPF!

And of course, it wouldn’t be a day at the beach without some refreshing, ice-cold drinks. The lightweight 24 SQ Kooler, with its soft shell and 24-can capacity, is easy to carry and will keep your choice of beverage, whether it’s made with hops or cane sugar, perfectly chilled.

Lounging Lakeside

Going to the lake can be a day-long endeavor so packing the right equipment is a must when it comes to getting the most out of your trip. Chances are, you’re there to relax and have a good time, which is why the Kwik Set Hammock is a lakeside classic. Not only is it a hammock (who doesn’t love a hammock?), this one in particular doesn’t need any trees for you to set it up! That means you can post up wherever you want, even right next to the water.

If staying out of the sun is more of your thing, the Kamp-Rite Quad Chair with Shade Canopy is just what you’ll need. The built-in canopy can be easily raised or lowered to satisfy your taste for the sunshine, but also keep you protected from the rays when they get too intense.

Of course, a lakeside excursion is no fun without some friends to enjoy it with. We recommend bringing some Ultra-Lite chairs and a Kwik Fold Table for prepping food items or sharing a toast to the weekend!

Cool by the Pool

When it comes to a day lounging by the pool, we recommend one of our most comfortable chairs, the Kamp-Rite Soft Arm Lounger.This chair lets you keep your beverages at your side while you lay back and work on that summer glow. This lounger is easy to fold and set-up, making any pool day an easy one. Attach the new Kamp-Rite Redi-Tray to give you a flat surface for holding up your iPad while catching up on your favorite TV show and to keep snacks handy.