Five Tips for Solo Camping Trips

Getting outdoors is good for the mind and soul, but sometimes camping with a group can be overwhelming. Next time you need a weekend away, try solo camping. It can be scary or even dangerous living outside by yourself, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages when done correctly. Here are some tips for your first solo camping trip:



Make sure that your campsite is somewhere that you’re comfortable and confident navigating. It is important to note where you can park your car and if you can keep it close to your campsite. Make sure that any amenities you need, such as toilets, showers, etc., are close by. With apps like AllStays or Hipcamp, you can figure out where you can stay legally and not be bothered. They offer a variety of free and paid locations to set up a solo campsite for the night.


Talk to Strangers

Usually, when you’re camping in a group setting your attention is directed towards the people that you’re with. When you’re camping by yourself, you can bring your attention to anyone who crosses your path. You might be surprised by who you meet and the stories that you can share. Sometimes strangers can bring you the most memorable experiences.



Part of the magic of solo camping is that you get to let go of the stresses of daily life. No one is around to judge, and the only person that you have to make happy is yourself. Do something that you love or pick up a new hobby, like stargazing or meditating, to make use of that solo time. There’s a bunch of great apps that you can use to get started with your new hobby. We recommend Headspace for Meditation and Star Chart for Stargazing.



Just because you’re solo camping doesn’t mean that you have to stay at your campsite the entire time. Take some time to explore the area or revisit places that you have been to before and already love. You can also set up daily excursions for yourself like hiking, fishing or rock climbing.


Be Prepared

Solo camping can be a little intimidating, so it’s essential to prepare for anything that may come your way. The Ten Essentials are an excellent go-to guide for outdoor adventures.

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