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Fellow Kamper: Camp Chef

Our Fellow Kamper for the month of August is our favorite outdoor cooking partner, Camp Chef. Camp Chef produces an extensive line of quality outdoor cooking products. These products are typically used and based around family and group cooking, but we also love to use Camp Chef’s products while camping, hunting and fishing.

One of the reasons we like Camp Chef’s products is because they are constantly innovating the way that you cook outdoors. When you get a Camp Chef stove, you’re not just getting a middle of the road, average barbecue grill. You’re getting a stove that can do it all. Fully customizable so you’re able to cook a wide spectrum of dishes – barbecue, boil, griddle, and fry.
Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 3.08.32 PM

One of our favorite Camp Chef products is the Ranger II Two Burner Stove because it fits on our Kamp-Rite® Kwik Pantry with Cook Table perfectly. Let’s get cooking!

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