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Versatility has always been a cornerstone of Kamp-Rite, which is why we were really excited to get our hands on Outdoor Tech’s Buckshot Pro and Kodiak Plus. The Buckshot Pro is a 3-in-1 portable bluetooth speaker that also functions as a power bank and flashlight, while the Kodiak Plus is a high-capacity, portable power bank built to withstand any terrain. Needless to say, the Kamp-Rite team was excited to try these two items out on our next camping trip.

Since last weekend, both items have officially become campsite essentials. The Buckshot Pro’s compact size and built-in side hook make it easy to clip onto gear, like our CTC XL Tent Cot, giving you a convenient overhead lamp and power source. The device lets you switch between three light modes—torch, lamp and flash—which means you can use it as a reading light while you’re relaxing in your tent cot, then easily switch to a traditional flashlight if you need to step out and grab a snack or use the bathroom. The Buckshot Pro is also water-resistant and shock-proof, so it’s perfect for hanging in the Kamp-Rite Privacy Shelter when you want to sing in the shower.

The Kodiak Plus lets you rest easy knowing that your devices won’t run out of power on you. It can charge a GoPro and most cell phones several times, so you don’t have to worry about missing that beautiful nature shot or running out of tunes for the campsite. The compact Kodiak Plus is also waterproof and shock-proof, so you can take it with you wherever your next adventure may be.

For us, the decision is simple — we live in the modern world and mother nature is not easy on technology so go visit our friends at Outdoor Tech and get gear that is meant for the outdoors. Plus, just think how great it will be to have a flashlight and your favorite 80’s songs all in one place next time you wander off from camp!

Visit our friends at Outdoor Tech here and enjoy 20% off when you enter coupon code KAMPRITE.

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