Fellow Kampers: VSSL

VSSLWhether you’re heading out to marvel at the red rock wonderland of Arches National Park or explore the eco-diversity of Joshua Tree, the one thing you’ll always need to pack for a camping trip is a flashlight, one of the most basic survival tools.

Until recently, flashlights generally served one purpose (sometimes a few more, if they were heavy enough or your name’s McGyver). However, today’s highly efficient LED lights power quality flashlights, reducing the weight and amount of space previously taken up by batteries. That’s where Fellow Kampers VSSL (pronounced “vessel”) come in. VSSL makes flashlights that pack a whole lot more function than just illumination. The company expands on the flashlight’s capacity as a survival tool by utilizing the now-empty space in its handle to pack an array of tools and supplies ranging from Marine-grade rope and fishing gear, to antiseptic wipes and bandages. Each of their flashlights also comes equipped with an emergency whistle and a built-in compass to further enhance its utility.

We tried out VSSL’s First Aid flashlight on a recent trip with the family and absolutely fell in love with its versatility. Camping with kids not only means you bring additional gear, it also means you have to account for potential bumps and bruises (kids will be kids, after all!). Though hopefully you never have to use it, you’ll feel at ease knowing you’ve got a solid first aid kit that includes bandages, antibiotic ointment and ibuprofen tablets, among many other tools, in the event of an emergency. The flashlight is compact and perfect to keep in your car or slip into the mesh pocket of a tent cot, while the handle can also serve as a great storage container for personal items such as jewelry.

It’s always great to be prepared, whether you’re heading out on your next adventure or stocking  emergency supplies to keep at home. Check out their site for other models and refill options.