The Gear You Need to Take Your RVing to the Next Level

Taking your first camping trip, but aren’t ready for an intense weekend of backpacking? RVing is a fun and easy way to dip your toes in the outdoors! Anything you do the first time is not going to come naturally, so we wanted to share a few outdoor items that don’t come included with your RV that you might want to have with you to make your trip more enjoyable:


A Spare Tent Cot (For One or Two)
When your RV becomes crowded, there is nothing better than breaking free of those tight confines and relaxing in the peace and quiet of the outdoors. (Remember, this is why you wanted to take this trip in the first place!) We suggest bringing a tent cot with you to comfortably sleep outside of the RV, leaving space for more guests inside. Kamp-Rite’s tent cots are always made of waterproof nylon, have sturdy aluminum frames, and stand 11-inches high. We’re all about convenience, so our Original Tent Cot can convert into a cot, chair, or lounge chair.


Hammock and Chairs
Never forget your favorite chair! There’s nothing better than spending time outside, relaxing with an ice-cold beverage and breathing in the fresh outdoor air. Whether you’re looking to sit and chat with your friends and family or take a cat nap, we have plenty of chairs (and a hammock) for you to choose from. Some of our favorites are the Kamp-Rite Soft Arm Lounger, the Kamp-Rite Kozy Klub Chair or the Kamp-Rite Kwik Set Hammock.


Outdoor Tables & Cooking Prep Tables
Why cook inside the RV where it can get hot and messy? Take your meal prep outside and enjoy dinner al fresco. For meal preparation, try the Kamp-Rite EZ Prep Table with Insulated Bag. It’s easy to prep your food, comes with convenient storage and assures that everything is within arm’s reach. Need a larger size? Try the Kamp-Rite Kwik Pantry with Cook Table. It provides a more extensive cooking space and comes with plenty of shelf storage.


When you bring the essential gear for convenient RVing and camping, you have every reason to enjoy the great outdoors. Have you ever been RVing? Let us know in the comments below!

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