How to Sleep Comfortably Outdoors

In order for us to sleep comfortably through the night, we have to keep our bodies as close to 98.6 degrees as possible. Too hot and you will toss and turn all night, too cold and you’ll wake up shivering.

You don’t need a new sleeping arrangement for every season that you plan a camping trip, so we’ve come up with some tips and tricks to stay warm (or cool) during your next outdoor sleep sesh.


Sleeping Pad

Sleeping pads add an additional level of comfort that will make you feel like you’re in your bed and less like you’re sleeping outside. There are a number of different types of sleeping pads and the one you choose to use will vary based on space, price point, and weight. Our favorite sleeping pad is the Kamp-Rite self-inflating pad because it is easy to set up and comes in a variety of sizes. Plus, it’s extremely comfortable.


Tent Choice

Just like your sleeping pad, your tent choice is going to vary based on your individual needs. At Kamp-Rite we think that the best night’s sleep happens off the ground, which is why we created the tent cot! Added bonus: being above the ground allows for airflow and keeps you cool throughout your night as well.


Check your head

Did you know that about 6% of your body’s surface volume is made up of your head? Because of this, a lot of heat can spill out of the top of your head while sleeping. In addition, your head is the center of the central nervous system, meaning that a cold head can trigger other parts of the body to be cold. If you’re sleeping in cold weather, we suggest putting a hat on to sleep in and if you’re feeling warm, grab an ice pack to throw on your forehead to cool down.


Flat Campsite

When setting up camp, it is important to pick a flat piece of land to lay out your tent. Not only will it be more comfortable and keep your gear more secure, but it will also prevent your sleep accessories from rolling to one side of your tent in the middle of the night.


Pre-Sleep Rituals

Brush your teeth? Check. Drink a glass of water? Check. Keeping your pre-sleep routine similar to when you’re at home will help you relax and fall asleep quicker. In addition, make sure to always pack up your food so critters don’t get into it and keep all of your gear close to you.

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