Kamp-Rite’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

On the hunt for a Father’s Day gift for the dad that does it all? There isn’t one item that can show him how much his endless love and years of support mean to you, but you can get him something that will help him do something he loves – enjoying the great outdoors. We’ve done the dirty work of searching for some great Father’s Day gift options, but finding the perfect card is on you.

Kamp-Rite Director’s Chair with Side Table and Cooler

Every guy deserves a the ultimate throne and our Director’s Chair with Side Table and Cooler is just that. Its built-in cooler and side table ensure that everything you need, whether you’re backyard BBQing, tailgating or fishing, is within arm’s reach. Dad will never need to stand up and can get some much-needed relaxation.

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Kamp-Rite Kwik Pantry with Cook Table

Is your dad’s favorite part about camping cooking for the whole family? The Kwik Pantry with Cook Table facilitates campsite food prep and cooking. Easy to set up, the convenient cook table provides space for cooking, as well as storage for food and utensils, all in one compact unit.

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Camp Chef Summit Two Burner Camping Stove

Now that dad has a handy pantry and cook table he is going to need an outdoor stove to get cooking, right? One of the reasons we like Camp Chef’s products is because they are constantly innovating the way that you cook outdoors. The two high-pressure 20,000 BTU burners pump out all the heat you’ll need for your outdoor cooking, whether you’re going solo or bringing the whole family.

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Kamp-Rite Kwik Set Hammock

Whether your dad is an avid hiker or a casual camper, the Kwik Set Hammock is the perfect companion for his next outdoor adventure. The unique, “no-tree-necessary” design of the hammock makes it easy to setup in almost any indoor or outdoor setting.

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Leatherman Super Tool 300

The Super Tool 300 is equipped with 19 tools including knives, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, an electrical crimper, a wire stripper, bottle and can openers, a file, a saw, an awl, and a ruler. It’s the perfect gift for the handy dad that can fix anything.

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