Music That Moves Us: Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens’ has always told stories within his music. In his previous albums, Stevens’ lyrics never told listeners the true insight into his life and his past, but with his new album, Carrie & Lowell, he puts his life experiences up front and center. In 2005, Stevens brought his listeners Seven Swans. After a decade of exploration, this new album brings out a different side of Stevens and his folk music.

The lulls of Stevens’ guitar and piano are paired with his soft whispering voice that can reach into a painstaking falsetto, meaning this album will definitely give you the feels. Carrie & Lowell is the perfect album to listen to while waking up to a misty morning in the great outdoors.

Stevens mentions memories such as childhood summer trips to Eugene, Oregon with specific references to the Tillamook Burn forest fires, Spencer Butte, the Lost Bucket Mine and swim lessons from a man who called himself Subaru. With the sweet strumming of his guitar, Stevens’ songs will bring you back to memories of your childhood camping trips and help you create new ones.

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