Fellow Kampers: Whey2Go

What They Do

Meet Whey2Go, an up-and-coming company that makes on-the-go protein shakes for people with active or demanding lifestyles. Their innovative shakes consist of 30 grams of dry, whey protein that come in lightweight and fully recyclable, single-use bottles. All you do, is add water, shake and drink. No refrigeration is necessary, which makes Whey2Go perfect to throw in a bag and head outdoors. The shakes have become a staple of our camping trips and other outdoor excursions.

Who They Are

Whey2Go was founded in Sacramento, California by two veteran brothers, Eric and Brian Frizzie. Eric and Brian have always had a passion for serving their community, and through recent conversations with Whey2Go, we learned about the company’s involvement in helping the first responders fighting the Butte County and Valley fires that have been ravaging Northern California recently.

Why We Like Them

The company teamed up with local sponsors to provide over 3,000 bottles of Whey2Go protein to first responder units fighting fires that have scorched over 76,000 acres in Butte and Lake Counties. The shakes were a hit with the firefighters, as it provided them with a quick and easy source of fuel while out fighting the blazes.

As the fires began to abate, Whey2Go shifted their focus to the victims of the fires. The company has partnered with private entities and large corporate sponsors to be able to donate over 4,000 bottles of Whey2Go to all those affected by the fires. In addition to the donation of protein, members of the Whey2Go team have partnered with Samaritan’s Purse and K-Love Crisis Response Care to give emotional support to the victims of the fires, as well as the first responders dealing with the impact of the disasters. The Whey2Go team has spent every weekend since the fires broke out volunteering at incident command posts, fire stations, police stations and recently, the disaster sites. To date, Whey2Go team members have spent over 300 hours and driven over 7,000 miles to provide support.

We love that Whey2Go is a young, veteran-owned company that’s supporting the community and those that serve to protect us. Their on-the-go shakes are the perfect match for our active lifestyle and any outdoor enthusiast will surely enjoy the ease and versatility of Whey2Go.

You can learn more about Whey2Go and try their shakes via the link below:

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